Why post my lyrics?

What is it that first catches your attention when you listen to music in general and hip-hop in particular? What do you focus on? If I may make a generalization, some people are “beats” people, and others are “lyrics” people. Some like both equally. While the musical aspect is very important and something I put a lot of thought and time into, I am first and foremost a lyricist. Whether writing, recording or performing, I’m striving for “5 C’s” in my lyrics:

Content (I want what I write to be meaningful, rather than trivial.)

Clarity (I want how I perform to reveal truth rather than obscuring it.)

Creativity (I want how I approach my expression to display originality, rather than imitation.)

Complexity (I want the way I structure my rhyme patterns to indicate internal complexity rather than mindless simplicity. I would distinguish mindless simplicity from thoughtful simplicity, which was my aim on songs like “Simple Love Story” or Penelope Judd

Christ-exaltation (I want the listener to leave my music thinking about how great God is, rather than how great Shai is.)

Whether I achieve my goals or not, in one sense, is up to the individual listener to determine. But this is what I’m aiming for. for those who want to look deeper into what I actually said on different songs, here are all of my lyrics.