Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology

“LT2:Doxology,” for short, is strongly influenced by great hymns of the Christian faith, negro spirituals, and by Shai Linne’s experience with worship teams at church plants in Philadelphia. Expect a musically diversified sound as “LT2:Doxology” not only features raps, but songs of praise and Hymns. Leah Smith, Chris Lee Cobbins, and Joint Heirs are featured on the album with much of the production done by Wes Pendleton.


1. Doxology Intro
2. Worship God (ft. Wes Pendleton & Phanatik)
3. Be Glorified (Psalm 55) W/ Chris Lee Cobbins
4. Nothing But the Blood (ft. Eric Mcallister)
5. You alone are God (ft. Christ Lee Cobbins)
6. Our Treasure Interlude (ft. Leah Smith)
7. C.H.R.I.S.T.
8. Come, Lord Jesus, Come (ft. Joint Heirs)
9. Our Treasure is Christ (ft. Leah Smith)
10. Dedication (Remix)
11. To The Praise Of His Grace (ft. Leah Smith)
12. Light And Heat (ft. Blair Linne)
13. Psalm 37 (Remix)
14. Doxology Outro (ft. Brooks Ritter)